Hive Head owns, consults, runs, and manages multiple web-based businesses and services

Hive Head LLC is a holding and a consulting company in the digital sector. Our in-house companies have a proven track record of achieving high customer/client relations, and profit margins. While our consulting partners show considerable growth, in advancement with their partnerships within our networks.

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27 companies

In our holdings and growing

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27 Companies

In Our Holding
And Growing Every Year


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In Our Employ


Professionals In Our Networks:
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Founded in 2021, Hive Head Is A Holding Company With Various Business, Departments, Services and Functions.

Hive Hide a machine built on the foundations of success. Don’t let our age of inception fool you, our holdings include businesses that are decades old, as while as some that are new, yet already front runners in their field. Hive Head carries a fully virtual footprint both as a company and its holdings.

The name, Hive Head, comes from that of a group all sharing their information, goals, and expectations, yet still have the originality and creativity that makes what we have so special.

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Why Hive Head

A Company With Deep Connections and Diverse Projects… We have a little of everything

We are diligently buying and starting businesses in all areas in the virtual sectors. We want to always provide solutions for our growing list of clients and investors.

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We offer a large variety of investing, career, products, services and partnership opportunities.


Our ROI with each and every company, product or service we own, manage or consult with are almost twice the national average of any similar projects or investments.


All of our sites are full secured with our state-of-the-art systems to ensure visitors and customers information and site usages are completely secure and private.


For our clients and on all of our websites we have a state of the art monitoring and support available.

Our Services

“Hive Head Offers A World Wide Prescence”

Because innovation never stops, we strive to continuously improve our services. Both that we offer directly and that of our subsidiaries.
Hive Head gas a global reach with just as many projects, and services.


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I am interested in your services; how can I schedule a meeting with you?

Contacting Hive Head is easy. If you know the department/business you need help from, please visit their company's website that offers the service you need directly, and if you are unsure, you can always contact us, and one of our team members will get back to you with details. It is always faster to directly address your inquiries to the company that offers the service.

What kind of data is contained in your Data Brokerage?

Our Data Specialists meticulously collect and check a wide variety of information. Everything from marketing data, shopping trends, content engagement, website analytics. They have the ability to find not only your customers, but also information needed and obtainable.

Do you create movies and ad that I can use for my business’s marketing campaigns?

Yes, we have full-service options that creates films, webisodes, shorts. Either for its own sake or for your business needs. Hive Head Studios and Hive Head Cinema is the one stop shop. They have produces, commercials, advertisements, short films, and even feature length films.

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is where our company or its subsidiaries actually create websites, digital services, or even the forementioned series and movies.

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